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Marin tool is made by also model sculptor Ms. Marin. These tools was exhibited at Wonder Fest USA2018 on this year.


Therefore, that's be-

comes possible to sha-

ping even though detailed modeling work.

It just like your hand!



Most suitale for small modeling!!! 

And it gained a highly recognized by many

model sculptors.

In fact, Ms. Marin has

won the Bronze Prize

at sculpture work pro-

duced using this tool!

These tools is very

small compared with

standard tools.

(approx. 100 mm),

We are sorry for expected to late shipment of these tools. Actually, Marin tool has made by Marin's hand one

by one. Therefore, these tools can't to make mass production. We are able to shipping from Japan at after 2-3 weeks under normal conditions. But, Please don't worry, This tools is more sturdy than it looks. These tools can

be good buddy of you for a long time when from delivered on your hand. Thank you for your understanding..

Marin+Tool can be shipped outside of Japan. Other products cannot be sent outside of Japan.

When paying in a currency other than Japanese Yen, only card payment is accepted.

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